TestStand User Group


Thursday, January 17, 2019

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


Salt Lake Community College

Room: 236

2150 W. Dauntless Ave. 1000 N.

Salt Lake City, UT United States

Enhance your NI TestStand development skills and network with other TestStand users in your area.
What’s Under the Hood
Presented by:
Chad Evans
A deep dive into Engine Callbacks, Model Callbacks and Step Execution. This presentation also touches on how to utilize callbacks to manipulate TestStand.
Please park on street. You may only park in the lot if you have a SLCCC parking pass.
During this meeting, you:
  • Enhance your core TestStand skills
  • Discuss the latest TestStand technologies
  • Meet with peers and share questions, examples, and challenges
Who Benefits from Attending
Local networks of TestStand developers share ideas and example code during TestStand User Group meetings. Whether you are new to TestStand or a longtime wireworker, this meeting presents a unique way to build your TestStand skills and network with your peers in your area. Bring your challenges and questions to this meeting.