South West LabVIEW User Group Meeting


Thursday 9th May

1:00 PM – 3:40 PM


Renishaw plc


New Mills

Gloucestershire GL12 8JR, United Kingdom

Enhance your NI LabVIEW development skills and network with other users at the South West LabVIEW User Group Meeting run in conjunction with Renishaw and Austin Consultants . LabVIEW user groups meet regularly to discuss various LabVIEW programming techniques, technologies, application design patterns and much more. Attendees learn development strategies demonstrated through real-world applications and interact with fellow users creating LabVIEW programs for a wide range of applications and industries.
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1.00 - 1.10

Welcome and Introduction 
By: Renishaw and Austin Consultants 

1.10 - 1.50

Nothing new, just another sequencer
By: Renishaw

Kevin will lead a discussion on sequencing in an application. Most, if not all test applications require some form of sequencing either automated or user-driven.  Discuss your own experiences of what methods have or have not worked but more importantly the reasons why? Is there one sequencer to rule them all? 

1.50 - 2.10 Coffee Break 
2.10 - 2.50

Code Smells

By: National Instruments 

Learn some LabVIEW best practices to spot potentially bad code before it becomes an issue. By knowing where to look and what to look for you can improve the quality of your code and reduce time spent debugging in future.

2.50 - 3.30

Code Review
By: Austin Consultants 

We’ll take a look at some of your code and apply what we have learnt during the day to real-life code. Code reviews are a great group activity to improve the quality of your code.

3.30 - 3.40 Wrap-up 
Who Benefits from Attending
Local networks of LabVIEW developers share ideas and example code during LabVIEW User Group meetings. Whether you are new to LabVIEW or a longtime wireworker, this meeting presents a unique way to build your LabVIEW skills and network with your peers at Cardiff University. Bring your challenges and questions to this meeting.