GNU Radio Hands-On Workshop at GRCON 2019


September 16, 2019

1:30 PM – 5:00 PM


Huntsville Marriott at the Space & Rocket Center

Columbia Room

5 Tranquility Base

Huntsville, Alabama United States

This hands-on session at GNU Radio Conference 2019 is a 4-hour session where attendees will get an introductory overview to GNU Radio and work with the Ettus Research USRP x310 to learn how to get setup and do basic getting started tasks. In this session attendees will get familiar with the USRP Hardware Driver (UHD) and how that works with GNU Radio. Come learn how easy it is to get up and going with the powerful GNU Radio framework and the most popular open SDR the NI / Ettus Research USRP.
Gain a solid foundation and practical understanding of how to configure, program, and use the USRP to implement a wide range of wireless applications.  
Topics Include:  
  • Introduction to the NI USRP Product Line  
  • Getting started with NI USRP, Installing & Configuring toolchain  
  • Programming the USRP using the UHD API from C++  
  • Using GNU Radio with the USRP  
  • Using GNU Radio from both GNU Radio Companion and Python  
  • Implementing an FM transmitter and receiver  
  • Application Examples: GQRX, Fosphor, Inspectrum, and several Out-of-Tree (OOT) modules, Cellular applications including OpenBTS and LTE stacks, as well as GPS/GNSS applications, 10 Gigabit Ethernet networking, host system performance tuning, X300/X310 device recovery   
  • Linux OS operation, C/C++, Python, Basic DSP & RF experience 
What to bring:  
  • All necessary hardware and software will be provided in the workshop.  
  • Attendees may bring their own equipment contact for specific setup requirements.   
Additional Resources 
Registration for GNU Radio Conference is required to attend this workshop.