UK Test Automation Group (UKTAG) - November Meeting


Friday 1st November

1:00 PM – 5:00 PM


Axis Electronics

Bedford Heights

Bedford, United Kingdom

Enhance your skills and network with other users at the UK Test Automation User Group Meeting run in conjunction with Multics, ATE Solutions and Abaco Systems. This user group will meet regularly to discuss various best practices for using NI tools, relevant technologies, test methodologies and much more. You will learn test development strategies through real-world applications and interact with fellow users creating LabVIEW and TestStand programs for a wide range of applications and industries.
Please Note: 
For in-person attendance photo ID is required to be allowed entrance into the building. Car Parking is available on-site, however please ensure you register your vehicle on the electronic tabs located by the entrance to avoid any penalties. 
This User Group Meeting will also be broadcasted via Microsoft Teams. Please continue to register online and a link will be shared with you. 
At the end of the meeting, in-person participants are invited to join the hosts at The Park Pub and Kitchen for drinks and dinner. Please Note: The first two drinks will be sponsored by the UKTAG Organisers. 
1.00 - 1.10

Welcome & Introduction 
By: Hosting Companies 

1.15 - 1.55

LabVIEW for TestStand
By: TestStand R&D, National Instruments


Developing LabVIEW code modules for TestStand can be very different to traditional LabVIEW development. Learn best practices, tips & tricks to develop and organise your LabVIEW code for TestStand from the creators of TestStand

2.00 - 2.40

Malleable VIs in LabVIEW
By: Sam Sharp (CLA, CTD, CLED & LabVIEW Champion) - Media Mongrels


LabVIEW 2017 saw the official release of malleable VIs. This presentation will introduce malleable VIs and explore some of their common use cases.

2.40 - 2.55

Coffee Break 

3.00 - 3.20

Data Manipulation and Regular Expressions in LabVIEW
By: Mathis Baumert (CLA, CTA) – Abaco Systems


Regular Expression may seem like black magic at times. Learn how to derive efficient regular expressions and data manipulation techniques in LabVIEW

3.20 - 3.40
Automated Sequence Generation in TestStand
By: Vikas Koujalagi (CLA, CTA) - Multics
This presentation explores automated test sequence generation options in TestStand
3.45 - 4.25
Abstracting Test System Development using TestStand and SystemLink
By: Larry Colvin (CLA) - Dyson
A case study exploring the abstraction of the development of test systems for non-software engineers at Dyson. Using TestStand Custom Step Types, TestStand plugins, NI Packages and SystemLink we have facilitated a scalable system for the creation and global deployment of internal verification tests.
4.25 - 5.00 Wrap Up and Networking
Who Benefits from Attending
Local networks of LabVIEW and TestStand users share ideas and examples during User Group meetings. Whether you are new or a longtime wireworker, this meeting presents a unique way to build your LabVIEW and TestStand skills and network with your peers in the local area. Bring your challenges and questions to this meeting.