[CP EN] Hands-On Seminar: Evaluate CompactDAQ and LabVIEW for Your Application


[Date, Year]

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM



During this interactive seminar, NI engineers will guide you through hands-on exercises designed to help you evaluate NI CompactDAQ and LabVIEW for your measurement application. See how you can create a data acquisition system for acquiring, analyzing, viewing, and storing measurement data using NI hardware and software.
Register and attend this seminar to use NI CompactDAQ and LabVIEW to:
  • Understand key steps in system configuration
  • Build example data acquisition applications using a variety of sensor types including temperature, strain, vibration, and light.
  • Familiarize yourself with automating measurement acquisition and signal processing
Who should attend?
This seminar is designed for engineers, technicians, and scientists who are evaluating NI CompactDAQ and LabVIEW for a data acquisition project or application. It is not intended as training for existing customers, students or professors. If this is you are looking for information about training, we invite you to explore the following options: